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From the East – July 2012

It is truly my honor to serve Hillcrest Lodge this year. We, the officers of the Lodge, are very excited about the future of Hillcrest and our plans for this year. In preparing for my year to serve the Lodge and for our installation, it occurred to me that our […]

Brother James Biggs – Oldest Texas Mason

  An Icon Becomes A Legend James Kenner James K Biggs Sr., 109, a long time Dallas resident of Monticello West, died on May 6, 2012. James was born on December 5, 1902 in San Marcos, TX. James was a dedicated, active 85 year Mason, the longest serving Mason in […]

Hiram Abiff Boaz

Hiram A. Boaz was the second President of Southern Methodist University (1920-1922) a Methodist bishop, Namesake of Boaz Hall and Member of Hillcrest Lodge “The prize for the college building with the most Masonic name must go to  Hiram Abiff Boaz Hall at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Boaz Hall (pronounced boze […]

Freemasonry and Religion

The following is adapted from the Grand Lodge of British Columbia’s explanation of Freemasonry and Religion… Our purpose as freemasons is not that of a religion. Freemasonry lacks the basic elements of religion. Freemasonry is not a religion nor is it a substitute for religion. A man does not subscribe […]