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From the East – September 2012

It’s the little things. There are aspects of our fraternity that I truly cherish. Our dedication
to charity, to making good men better, to meeting on the level but these are big ideas.
Since I became a Mason, I have been drawn to subtleties of Masonry, which I think help
create the “cement of brotherly love.”

While visiting a Lodge, a Mason from another country stood up and read something he
had written discussing why he had become a Mason. The piece was outstanding but what
really struck me was the way in which it was delivered. This Mason’s English was good
but not perfect and as he read aloud, quietly beside him was another Mason, who when
the reader struggled to find the right word in English, was there to help. I know this is a
minor detail, but a man stood in Lodge telling a very personal story, in a language that
was not his own and knew men who would be there to help him. In our own Lodge, the
members who give other members rides to Lodge and other events, who come early to
help another brother, or who are always on call to help a brother, inspire me. These little
things happened around us every day in Masonry – take a moment and watch you will be
amazed what you will see.

This month’s edition of the Beacon, features an article written by Brother Stuart Mason on
Audie L. Murphy. The article, “Audie L. Murphy: The Most Decorated Hero of World War
II” is a brief history on a heroic brother Mason from Texas. In addition, we have Brother
Brosi’s next installment of the Lodge Trail Series.

Finally and few updates about the Lodge. We now have an Internet connection with
wireless access at the Lodge. Thank you to brother’s Kyle Wahlquist P.M. and Wes Pierce
P.M. (Love Field Lodge) for their help in getting the network up and running. We have a
new, really nice refrigerator and gas grill, both of which were donated to the Lodge.
I look forward to seeing you in Lodge soon.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Ken Knotts
Worshipful Master

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