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Current Chapter & Council Officers

2015-2016 York Rite Chapter & Council Officers


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Love Field Chapter #396
Office Name
High Priest John Samuel
King Miguel Garcia
Scribe Glenn Garber
Treasurer Brad Billings*
Secretary Justin Bauer*
Chaplain Steve Gooch*
Captain of the Host Mike Malone
Principal Sojourner Kyle Wahlquist
Royal Arch Captain David Laster
Master of the Third Veil Adam Corona
Master of the Second Veil Ricky Harper
Master of the First Veil Patrick Quinn
Guard Colin O’Brien
Love Field Council #478
Office Name
Thrice Illustrious Master John Samuel
Rt. Illustrious Deputy Master Glenn Garber
Ill. Principal Conductor of the Work Miguel Garcia
Treasurer Brad Billings**
Recorder Justin Bauer**
Chaplain Mike Malone
Captain of the Guard Kyle Wahlquist
Conductor of the Council Adam Corona
Steward Ricky Harper
Sentinel Patrick Quinn


*Past High Priest

**Past Thrice Illustrious Master

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