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Masonic Values & Masonic Beliefs [Video]

Masonic Values & Masonic Beliefs

What do Masons Believe?

Many people often ask “what the Masons believe” and want to know about the secrets and practices of the Freemasons …

… but the beliefs of Freemasons are not about our secrets.  In fact it is quite the opposite.  Our Masonic Secrets are about our Masonic Beliefs.  The “secrets” of Freemasonry teach the age old practices that build better men, and better societies, through beliefs that are compassionate and  altruistic to all individuals.  The meaning of Masonry is to make better men and better societies, through a belief in our common good.  We see past our differences, and aim towards building a better life by growing ourselves and helping others.

We define Masonry by our Masonic beliefs and our Masonic values.  This video helps to illustrate some of the beliefs of Masons around the world, and to help guide you on your journey in determining if joining a Masonic Lodge is right for you.