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About Hillcrest Masonic Lodge

Est. 1949, Hillcrest Masonic Lodge was started as the premier Masonic Lodge for Southern Methodist University students, faculty and alumni by members of Highland Park Masonic Lodge in an attempt to provide more of a Masonic presence in Highland Park. Over the past 65 years Hillcrest has grown beyond its initial audience, including members of various walks of life, it continues to keep ties with SMU and is now a staple of Freemasonry in Dallas TX as one of the prominent lodges in DFW.

What Hillcrest Provides

Hillcrest Masonic Lodge provides education on our long standing traditions, an understanding of the symbols behind our degrees, and a chance to improve yourself and give back to your community

Masonic Rituals

The Rituals or Rites of Freemasonry have been performed for centuries and we are proud to offer world class ceremonies to our initiates

Masonic Education

Between our instructors and our educational dinners with world class speakers, you will be exposed to the brightest masonic minds available


A Masonic Lodge has a framework for organizational leadership which most modern governments were based off of; with the right mentorship, Masonry can provide you with valuable leadership opportunities

Our Charities

Between scholarships for SMU students, to blood drives for the Scottish Rite Hospital, to programs for elementary schools, Freemasonry will give you opportunities to give back


Why become a Freemason? Knowledge, History, Fellowship ...

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The first step to becoming a Freemason, especially if you don't know any, is to get to know some of us. Becoming a Freemason is a very personal decision and is not a right fit for everyone. We want to get to know you to make sure Masonry is right for you, and you should get to know us to understand if we are the right lodge for you.

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No one is asked to become a Freemason. This is not a society that has been privately selected by invitation only. Our Fraternity is built on free minded men who seek out and ask to be made a Mason. Once you have gotten to know some of the Brethren, ask for a petition. They will let you know if they think it is right for you and the right time to join.

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Once you fill out your petition, you will need 5 Freemasons to vouch for you by signing it. This is one of the reasons it is so important to get to know some of the members. After you have your petition submitted an investigation committee will be assigned to your request and will meet with you to explore your interest

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Latest News

2b1ask1 Just Ask Video Series Campaign


2B1Ask1 is a phrase used to help instruct men on how to become a Mason.  Hillcrest Lodge is moving past this, and we hope you and your Lodges will too 2B1Ask1 As members, we have all heard or seen 2b1Ask1 too often.  It is the branded messaging of Masonic Lodges […]

Famous Texas Freemasons

Famous Texas Freemasons

A List Of Famous Freemasons In Texas Stephen F. Austin Stephen F. Austin, a member of Louisiana Lodge No. 111 at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, sought to establish Freemasonry in Texas. Freemasonry was well established among the educated classes of Mexican society. It had been introduced among the aristocracy loyal to the House of Bourbon, […]

Anderson's Constitution

Origin Of Freemasonry In Question

The Widely Accepted History of the Origins of Masonry and the Grand Lodge of England In 1723, The Constitutions of the Free-Masons by James Anderson boldly contains a history of Freemasonry starting with the creation of the world by the “great Architect of the Universe.” Anderson claimed Adam (yes, that […]

Masters Degree for Brother Martins

Marcus Martins Receives Masters Degree

On Thursday, July 20th 2017 Brother Marcus Martins became a Master Mason.  Brother Marcus has shown extreme proficiency in the work and dedication to Hillcrest Lodge.  He has learned the memory work for the first two degrees at a head spinning pace.  Brother Marcus has shown a desire to teach the […]

Representative of the Grand Lodge of France Visits Hillcrest Lodge

Hillcrest Lodge Attracting Global Visitors Brother Pierre Cutaya of of Saint Jean des Hospitaliers Lodge in Toulouse and representative of the Grand Lodge of France visits Hillcrest Lodge. Hillcrest Masonic Lodge had the honor of hosting Brother Pierre Cutaya on July 20th, 2017.  Brother Cutaya is a representative of the Grand […]

John Connors Masters Degree

John Connors Receives His Master Mason Degree

On Tuesday May 16th Hillcrest Masonic Lodge raised it’s newest Master Mason, John Connors. Connors has shown enthusiasm in the work and Hillcrest Lodge and was quick to pick up and complete the first two degrees.  He has worked meticulously to master the memory work, and plans to start instructing […]

Announcement: Lodge Room Renovation Has Begun

Lodge Room Renovation Has Started! On Saturday September 10th 2016, The Brethren of Hillcrest Lodge started work on the Lodge Room remodeling project. We started at 10am, promptly after Callan’s stated meeting. Many showed up in attendance from Hillcrest. Some of the guys from Callan stayed around to help and brought […]

Why Men Become Freemasons

Why A Man Becomes A Freemason [Video]

Our Brethren from Massachusetts put this video together on why men today decide to join the Masonic Fraternity.  It is a very well done video that strikes to the point of what Freemasonry is, and why men join The Craft. If you think Freemasonry might be right for you, and […]

Freemasonry Pauses Wars: A Masonic Response To Violence In Dallas

The Dallas Police Officer Shootings on July 7th 2016 Prompts A Masonic Response to Violence and the Need for Freemasonry in Today’s Society A Personal, Fraternal, and Societal Tragedy A message from our Worshipful Master, Chris Livingston… As many of you know, I have spent the past decade representing police […]

Patrick Briody’s Golden Trowel Award Ceremony

On On Saturday, April 30, 2016, at an open meeting of Hillcrest Lodge; Past Master Patrick Briody was presented with the Golden Trowel Award. Since its inception, the Golden Trowel Award is a way for Lodges to recognize and honor distinguished members with an official award from the Grand Lodge of Texas. The award is used by all Texas Lodges and […]