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Becoming the Grand Master, or the “President” of the jurisdiction of Texas is an immense amount of work, as Freemasonry in Texas is one of the largest jurisdictions in the world.  Hillcrest is honored to be able to recognize two of its members as having served the craft in this way.  These dignitaries have given more than most in serving not only Hillcrest Lodge, their brethren, their district, or their city, but also the great state of Texas.

Past Grand Master Leonard Harvey
Leonard P. Harvey
Past Grand Master Elmer Murphey
Elmer Murphey, III

Current Grand Lodge Officers

Grand Junior Warden Jim Rumsey

Grand Junior Warden Jim Rumsey


The Golden Trowel is the highest honor which a lodge can bestow on its members.  It signifies a lifetime of dedicated service to the lodge, the fraternity, and the craft.  To receive this prestigious award truly distinguishes you from the rest, and makes those who are dedicated enough to become recipients, dignitaries within our society.  Below are the distinguished brothers of Hillcrest Lodge.

Perry Lafford Howell, Sr. May 25, 1991
James T. Groves, Jr February 10, 1992
Robert E. Daniel June 24, 1993
Nelson P. Chesnutt June 23, 1994
Barrie O. Morgan May 1, 1997
Donald L. Hawkes June 12, 1999
Don A. Tidwell February 22, 2003
Elmer Murphey, III. November 22, 2003
Max F. Gilley January 14, 2006
F. Edwin Smith, Jr. November 4, 2006
Wallace P. Finfrock November 1, 2008
George Matuskey February 12, 2011
Harry Wood December 15, 2012
Scott Brosi March 17, 2015
Patrick Briody April 30, 2016


These are the members who received Golden Trowel Awards while members of Love Field, prior to the lodges consolidating.

Arnold D. Nalls June 23, 1991
Billie W. Robinett June 23, 1995
Roscoe L. Canada June 23, 1999
Neil A. Harris June 23, 2001
Billy Jack Davis June 23, 2002
Richard G. Brett January 24, 2007
James Wesley Pierce January 2, 2009
James Carl Key, III January 12, 2015


Below are the members of Hillcrest Lodge who have served their state in representing the Grand Lodge on behalf of the Grand Master of Texas, and led their district for a year.  The names listed below have served their state as dignitaries to their district and jurisdiction.

1968 W. Crozier Gowan
1971 Perry L. Howell, Sr.
1977 Herbert S. Kendrick, Jr.
1981 Glynn S. Gregory
1987 Elmer Murphey, III
1996 Max F. Gilley
1999 Billy Jack Davis
2002 F.E. “Skip” Smith
2003 Carl Key III
2005 Scott C. Brosi
2007 Roscoe L. Canada
2008 Larry Van Hall
2012 Stephen E. Gooch
2014 Gregg Yates


Grand Orator is a position in the Grand Lodge of Texas officer line.  Those elevated to fill this role are seen as inspiring speakers who are intelligent in the topics of Freemasonry, by many in their lodge, city and state.

2010 F.E. “Skip” Smith


For those that dedicate themselves to earning the position of a District Instructor, have proven themselves within the fraternity in their excellence in memory work, and ability to pass on learned knowledge.  The District Instructor position is in place to ensure that the districts are have a source of knowledge for our esoteric work, and to ensure that the subsequent lodges are performing the rites to the standards that have been upheld for 100’s of years.

Max Gilley

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