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Dallas Freemasonry

Why Men Become Freemasons

Why A Man Becomes A Freemason [Video]

Our Brethren from Massachusetts put this video together on why men today decide to join the Masonic Fraternity.  It is a very well done video that strikes to the point of what Freemasonry is, and why men join The Craft. If you think Freemasonry might be right for you, and […]

Brent Morris 33 Degree Freemason

History Of The High Degrees Of The York Rite [Video]

The History of the High Degrees of the York Rite by Brother Brent Morris I’m going to speak about the High Degrees of Freemasonry.  Now I know it may be politically incorrect to say that there is anything higher than the Master Mason degree , but in fact High Degrees […]

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What is a Mason? [Video]

“What is a Mason?”  is a question we often get asked by inquirers to the craft. What is a Mason is a simple question that can be a complex answer with many responses.  However below is a great short video from some of those we impact who describe who they […]

How Stone Masons Built Cathedrals [Video]

Building Heaven On Earth Below is a great documentary from the BBC, which details the process and spiritual symbolism of the operative stone masons.  These same understandings are what came to be the foundation of the Freemasons and speculative masonry. Building usually started at the east end, where mass was celebrated. […]

Jack Williams Past Master

Past Master Jack E. Williams

In Memorandum of Past Master Jack E. Williams Past Master Jack Edward Williams, Sr., 86, passed away Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015. Brother Williams was born Sept. 23, 1928, in Durant, Okla., to Dr. and Mrs. John E. Williams. He was initiated an Entered Apprentice on December 18, 1952, passed to […]

Robert L D Cooper - Freemason & Curator of the Grand Lodge of Scotland

Masonic Lecture from the Curator of the Grand Lodge of Scotland Robert L D Cooper

Dallas Masons were given a treat by the Curator of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.  On January 28th,2014, the Curator of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Brother Robert L. D. Cooper presented to the Master Masons of Dallas Texas a masonic lecture at a closed meeting at the Scottish Rite […]

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What It Is To Be A Freemason – 2013 Service Awards

Masons Talk About What It Was Like To Be A Freemason At our Masonic Service Awards Day in April 2013 the members and Past Masters of Hillcrest Lodge reflected on their time in the masonic fraternity.  The theme kept coming back to their days of activity at Hillcrest and what […]