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Masonic Rituals

Masonic Rituals

Masonic Rituals and Ceremonies are the heart of the Fraternity, and are what have passed down the secrets of Freemasonry for hundreds of years.

Freemason Rituals

While Freemasonry is not a secret society, Masonic Lodges do have their secrets.  These secrets are delivered in the form of Freemason rituals.  Masonic Rituals or masonic rites as they are sometimes called, are ancient ceremonies that the candidate go through to learn the Masonic symbols, and their applicable interpretations of meaning.  Each degree has its own Freemason ceremony highlighting different meanings that are applicable for the candidate at that point in their Masonic journey.

These secret Masonic rituals have been conducted by Lodges, since before recorded history of them began.  Since the Masonic Lodge rituals were so secret, in previous times, Masonic Lodges would not even record them in their minutes, so we really do not have conclusive proof on when they began.  We do know that the first two degree existed at least as far back as the mid-17th century.  While that is as far back as we know for sure, there are indicators that make many believe the first degrees dated back hundreds of year prior to that.

Masonic Initiation Rituals

While we cannot discuss the details of what members experience when joining a Masonic Lodge, we guarantee you that our Masonic rituals are nothing frivolous or mischievous.  You will often hear jokes regarding Freemason goat rituals in the initiation degree or Entered Apprentice degree (otherwise known as the EA).  These stories generally involve jokes about riding goats, worshipping goats or some sort of Freemason sacrifice ritual.  Spoiler alert, we don’t ride or worship goats, and we are certainly not sacrificing anyone.  Without giving away any of our Freemason initiation ritual secrets, our ceremony for joining a Lodge does not consist of anything that silly or nefarious.

While Freemasonry is a fraternity, this is like no other fraternity you could have joined in the past.  Masonry is a solemn order, and we conduct our degrees with the utmost seriousness.  Our aim is to build good men into better men, and we don’t do that by breaking them down through hazing or any type of paddle ceremony.  All members are talked with days prior to their Masonic joining ritual and explained the seriousness and solemnity of our rituals, and provided comfort in knowing that our Masonic initiation rituals are near identical to those that men have gone through for hundreds of years, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Voltair.

Masonic Funeral Rites

Once a man is made a Mason, he is entitled to the “last degree”, or the Masonic last rites.  The Masonic rites at funeral is a beautiful ceremony commemorating the life and quality of character of the Mason that is being laid to rest.  If you have received any of the degrees of Freemasonry, you are entitled to the Masonic Funeral Service.  You just need to notify your family of your request, and make sure your Lodge, or a nearby Lodge is aware of your future need.  The Freemason funeral not a secret ceremony, and is open to the public and conducted with the family and friends of the deceased.

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