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Hillcrest Masonic Lodge Lapel Pins

Masonic Freemason Lapel Pin for Hillcrest Masonic Lodge


Hillcrest Masonic Lodge Lapel Pins Are In!

The lapel pins for Hillcrest Lodge are in and look fantastic.  They were designed by our Brother Chaplain, Kyle Wahlquist and display the masonic symbols of the skull, crossed keys, the square and compass as well as an evergreen wreath.  At the tops is says “Hillcrest Masonic Lodge No. 1318 A.F.& A.M.” and separated by two five pointed stars the bottom says “Making Good Men Better.”


Masonic Freemason Lapel Pin for Hillcrest Masonic Lodge


How To Get Your Hillcrest Masonic Lapel Pin

Visit Hillcrest Masonic Lodge as a Masonic Member

The intent of this masonic lapel pin is to give to our masonic birthday recipients, as well as all visiting brethren for our stated meetings, and our degrees.  If you would like to get one for yourself, they are free of charge, and our gift to you for visiting our lodge.  Hillcrest Masonic Lodge meets on the second Tuesday of each month in the old Love Field Quarry in Dallas, Texas just west of Highland Park.  More information on the masonic lodge’s location can be found on our lodge contact page.

We would love to have you at one of our meetings or are degrees.

Purchase Masonic Lapel Pin Online

Can’t make it to Hillcrest, but still want to support our Lodge and pick up one of our custom lapel pins?  No problem.  Our Lodge’s Masonic Lapel Pin are now being sold on MasonicApparel.net.  If the trip to our Lodge is too far, head over to Masonic Apparel and pick up yours now.  We appreciate your contribution to our Lodge, and know that you will appreciate our lapel pin just as much!

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