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Love Field Masonic Lodge Consolidates with Hillcrest Lodge

Love Field Lodge Building

Two Lodges Unified Into One Lodge with the Strength of Two


The Grand Master Mike Wiggins, in a letter dated July 31, 2015 and addressed to the attention of the Secretary of Love Field Lodge No. 1274, A.F.& A.M. and Secretary of Hillcrest Lodge No. 1318, A.F.& A.M., has informed us that he has approved the consolidation of the two Lodges and has forwarded his Certificate of Approval to our attention.
After consolidation, we are now one Lodge that exists under the charter and governed by the By-Laws of Hillcrest Lodge No. 1318 and all members of Love Field Lodge are members of Hillcrest Lodge. Our District Deputy Grand Master has cancelled his official visit to Love Field Lodge and looks forward to his official visit to the newly combined Lodge at Hillcrest’s September Stated Meeting.


The process for two masonic lodges to consolidate into one was a long and arduous process, and it is understandable that more lodges are not combining forces to strengthen their efforts within the fraternity.  We would recommend that the Grand Lodge come up with processes to help lodges along in the process, as well as simplifying the requirements where possible.


Love Field Lodge Building
The brethren are looking forward to working with each other to grow our fraternity and spread the brotherly cement of Masonry.

Love Field Lodge Building

When consolidating two lodges, all of the possessions of the consolidating lodge transfer to the lodge in whom they are consolidating into.  Hillcrest Lodge will continue the management of the Love Field Lodge Building in the Quarry.  The neighborhood is great, and we all enjoy meeting there.
James V Callan Da-Lite Masonic Lodge 1422, the Love Field Chapter and Love Field Council all meet at Love Field Lodge.  We have heard no signs that anyone wants to leave, and we look forward to keeping them as tenants, especially since many in Hillcrest belong to the York Rite Chapter and Council.

The Formation of Love Field Masonic Lodge


Below is a history of Love Field Lodge, which we are publishing here to help preserve their past.  We will also be incorporating their history formally into Hillcrest’s history.
On the 17th day of January, 1939, a special meeting of Tannehill Lodge No. 52 was called at 7:30 pm with 99 members and 219 visitors present.  Tannehill Lodge was called from Labor to Refreshment and a Representation of The Grand Lodge of Texas was Opened for the Purpose of Constituting a new Lodge to be known as LOVE FIELD LODGE No. 1274 A.F. & A.M.
The following Grand Officers were present:

Most Worshipful Grand Master Lee Lockwood

Grand Master Lee Lockwood
Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master  Leo Hart
Leo S. Hart


Right Worshipful Grand Senior Warden J. J. Gallaher
Right Worshipful Grand Junior Warden George Belew
Grand Chaplain Chaplain Dr. W. D. Daugherty
The Most Worshipful Grand Master Lee Lockwood then Proceeded with the ceremonies of constituting Love Field Lodge and Installing the Officers of said Lodge.


Love Field History

The following history has been taken from the Love Field Masonic Lodge Website …

The Charter of Love Field Lodge was granted by the Grand Lodge at its Annual Session on Dec. 8, 1938 with 74 Charter Members.  Because the lodge building was not finished at that time, the constituting ceremony was held at Tannehill Lodge in Dallas on January 17, 1939 by the Grand Master of Masons in Texas, Leo Hart. It was on March 2, 1939 that Love Field lodge held its first meeting on Denton Drive. As early as 1941, Love Field Lodge became apparent that the facilities at 7718 Denton Drive were not adequate and a search was on for more suitable space. However, it took until February 5, 1953, when Brother Porter T. Bennett reported that a building site had been found. It was an old rock quarry with 175 feet of frontage and ample parking space.  On November 14, 1953, the cornerstone was laid by Grand Master McKee in “due and ancient form at 3:00pm”. Lodge dues for that year were $12.50, of which $5.00 was applied to the building fund.  Membership at Love Field: The Lodge was Chartered in 1938 with 74 members. By 1966, the Lodge reached at peak membership count of 728 Brothers. The Worshipful Master in 1938-39 was Dr. A.M. Shelton.


Note:  Love Field Lodge No. 1274 was never a U. D. Lodge.  Love Field No. 1274 had considerably more than three of today’s equivalent Class A Certificate Holders at it’s Chartering and Constituting in 1938 – 1939.  And Love Field Lodge had three members who were Class A Certificate Holders when consolidated into Hillcrest Lodge No. 1318, A. F. & A. M. in August of 2015.

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