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The Fantastic Teeth Masonic Charity – 2013

Fantastic Teeth Masonic Charity

The Brethren of Hillcrest Masonic Lodge recently participated in the Fantastic Teeth program sponsored by the Masonic Home and School of Texas (www.mhstx.org).  This masonic charity provides dental kits to be distributed to first graders in an effort to help them improve dental hygiene.

Fantastic Teeth Masonic Charity
Brothers Mitch and Micah Thornton with wife/mother Misty, giving supplies to Walnut Hill Elementary


Beginning in 2010, the program engages Masonic Lodges throughout the state of Texas by supplying as many as 300 dental kits per year to be distributed to elementary schools.  Each kit contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a two-minute timer, a toothbrush cover, a fun sticker for the kids, and information about good dental care written in both English and Spanish.  The goal of the program is to prevent suffering among the youth and to promote good oral hygiene practices.


Fantastic Teeth Masonic Charity
Brothers Mitch Thornton and Max Gilley dropping off the fantastic teeth kits at Sudie Williams Elementary

This is the second year that Hillcrest Masonic Lodge has participated in the program.  In 2012, kits were distributed to Dan D Rogers Elementary and Cesar Chavez Elementary Schools.  This year, kits were provided to first graders at Sudie L. Williams, Walnut Hill, and Cesar Chavez Elementary schools.  Several of the Hillcrest Brethren were particularly pleased to be distributing kits at Sudie L Williams since they are alumni, and several memories were shared as we walked the halls of Sudie L. Williams.

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