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2b1ask1 Just Ask Video Series Campaign

2B1Ask1 is a phrase used to help instruct men on how to become a Mason.  Hillcrest Lodge is moving past this, and we hope you and your Lodges will too


As members, we have all heard or seen 2b1Ask1 too often.  It is the branded messaging of Masonic Lodges all over, and used on everything from tshirts, to hats, to 2b1ask1 bumper stickers.  2b1Ask1 is designed to inform potential inquirers that we are not an invitational society.  It has long been thought, by many men, that to join Freemasonry, a man must be invited.  This is not only not true, it is strictly against our organizations policy, as we do not recruit.  Men simply cannot be invited to join.

Instead men who are looking to petition a Lodge must reach out and ask themselves, of their own freewill.  Now asking a Lodge does not automatically equate that a man will become a member.  There are many steps after that to judge your character and your fit within the Lodge you are petitioning, but asking is the first step.  You can learn more about asking a Lodge for membership.

2B1Ask1 has had its time, and served its due, however for reaching out to men in today’s society, we need to move beyond 2B1ask1.

Moving Beyond 2B1Ask1

2B1Ask1 is a marketing campaign at its heart.  Its goal is to help instruct and prompt men to take the first step in joining a Masonic Lodge.

The problem with the 2b1Ask1 campaign is that it is self defeating.  It is presented as an encrypted slogan, however anyone can read it.  Its intended target is specifically at men who are drawn to the Masonic Society for the cryptic and secret nature of the Order, however it does not deliver.  It has the outward appearance that “yes, we are cryptic, but we are also very easy to understand.”  As Masonry is not easy to understand, and to the contrary can take a lifetime of study to have a proper interpretation of its symbols, 2b1Ask1 is therefore, self defeating.  In a world with and increasingly savvy society, it is past time for a change.

Just Ask …

With the issues of the 2b1Ask1 slogan, Hillcrest Masonic Lodge has come up with new online materials for ourselves and other Lodges to use, that can help better represent, and explain aspects of the Fraternity.  We have created a video series entitle “Just Ask”, which depicts core aspects of the Fraternity which are frequent areas of interest for inquiring men. All installments end in the prompt “just ask.”

Please feel free to copy the link our from each of these video’s share options, and embed them anywhere you wish on your Lodge’s website.  You may also easily share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and email.  Again, the Just Ask videos are for all to use, so please do so if desired.

All imagery is of Hillcrest Lodge #1318 A.F.&A.M. in Dallas, Texas.  We hope to be helping future Brothers find the Fraternity, and feel comfortable enough to “just ask.”

Just Ask Video Series [Embed Option]

Video 1: What is a Masonic Lodge

Video 2: Masonic Society

Video 3: Masonic Rituals

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Video 1: What is a Masonic Lodge

What is a Masonic Lodge [Video]

Video 2: Masonic Society

Masonic Society [Video]

Video 3: Masonic Rituals

Masonic Rituals


If you have any questions, please contact info @ dallasfreemasonry dot org

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