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2015 Fantastic Teeth Program

Fantastic Teeth Member Loading Bags

Hillcrest Lodge Having Fun While Helping Others

The Fantastic Teeth Fan Club is a program created by the Masonic Home and School of Texas, led by our own Past Grand Master Elmer Murphey III. The program is designed to help children and parents learn about proper dental care. Since The Fantastic Teeth Fan Club began as a pilot program of Masonic Home and School of Texas in the spring of 2010, thousands of children across Texas have received free preventative tooth decay kits through these efforts.

Fantastic Teeth Member Loading Bags

The tremendous state-wide success of this program depends on Masonic Lodges providing this service in their community with free kits from Masonic Home and School. Lodge members assemble the kits and deliver them to participating schools. Fantastic Teeth Program Materials

This year Hillcrest Lodge sponsored the program for two different elementary schools in the area, totaling over 230 fantastic teeth kits for the children of those schools.Fantastic Teeth Program Members

Hillcrest Lodge is proud to continue our involvement and this year we have provided dental kits to the students at Celestino Mauricio Soto, Jr. and George Peabody elementary schools in Dallas.

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