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Master Mason’s Lodge In The Alamo 2015

Alamo Close Up Columns

Dallas Masons Return To The Alamo

Masons from many of the Lodges in Dallas, including Hillcrest Masonic Lodge and Highland Park Masonic Lodge met in fellowship for an exclusive night in the Alamo.

The Masons of Hillcrest Lodge had another great trip to the Alamo.  This has been our 4th straight year to attend this Masons only event inside the Alamo, where once a year, Alamo Masonic Lodge is allowed to hold a private Master Masons Lodge inside the Alamo.  The doors are guarded by Texas State Troopers to ensure the privacy of the event.

Those Dallas Masons that attended the event include Past Master Kyle Wahlquist, new Master Mason Seth Alston, longtime member Christopher Robinson, and Past Master Scott Brosi, who is also the current sitting Master for Highland Park Masonic Lodge this year.

We took a lot of photos, which you can see below and had a great time meeting other Texas Masons from all over the state.  We brought our wives and girlfriends along who had a charity event going on at the same time in the Scottish Rite Cathedral, in which they made blankets for children in need.  After taking a quick self guided tour of the Scottish Rite Cathedral in San Antonio, we retired to a delicious steak dinner down the street at Morton’s.

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