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John Connors Receives His Master Mason Degree

John Connors Masters Degree

On Tuesday May 16th Hillcrest Masonic Lodge raised it’s newest Master Mason, John Connors.

Connors has shown enthusiasm in the work and Hillcrest Lodge and was quick to pick up and complete the first two degrees. ┬áHe has worked meticulously to master the memory work, and plans to start instructing new students as soon as he finishes his Master’s proficiency in the coming weeks. ┬áThis is good, as Hillcrest has a healthy pipeline of men coming though, about to get their Masters Degree, and others lining up to join the Lodge.

John is CEO of his own consulting company and is happily married to a supportive wife of his Masonic endeavors.

We look forward to John’s involvement in the future with Hillcrest Lodge and Freemasonry in general.



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