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Announcement: Lodge Room Renovation Has Begun

Lodge Room Renovation Has Started!

On Saturday September 10th 2016, The Brethren of Hillcrest Lodge started work on the Lodge Room remodeling project. We started at 10am, promptly after Callan’s stated meeting. Many showed up in attendance from Hillcrest. Some of the guys from Callan stayed around to help and brought tools up for the project as well. It was a well attended event, sharing in stories and fellowship about the lodge as work was being done.

So many showed up to donate their time, that we made pretty short work of it, and were complete by mid afternoon.

We found out just how much this was needed, as the flooring was deteriorating underneath many of the seats, and the metal for the seating was fatigued throughout much of the room.


A Notice From The Property Management Committee!

The Lodge room will be closed until October 1st. There is not much room inside Fellowship Hall, as that is where most items are being stored, so unless you have specific plans to meet a Brother one on one for instruction, please plan to meet offsite until then, as space is extremely limited.   We are very excited to see this project complete, and see you back up at the Lodge at that time.

If you need to use the lodge for anything between now and then, please coordinate with the property management committee.


Photos From the Before & After of The Remodel Prep

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