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Hillcrest Masonic Lodge’s Newest Master Mason

Tim Wall Receives His Masters Degree

Hillcrest Lodge Raises Newest Master Mason

Tim Wall Receives His Masters DegreeBecoming a Master Mason is no easy task.  From the time a man has sought out a petition, and been voted into a masonic lodge, it generally takes a minimum of 60 hours for a man to pass through the three degrees.  With all of the memory work that goes into becoming a Master Mason, or having received the 3rd degree in masonry, we have had brethren who have said it was the most challenging intellectual experience they have ever had, with the only exception being that of completing medical school.

With that being said, we would like to express our congratulations to our newest brother to achieve the rank of Master Mason, Brother Tim Wall!  Tim has been with Hillcrest for the past few years, and with his professional career settling down, has had more time to dedicate to the craft. Tim is also newly installed out the lodge’s Senior Deacon, for which we also appreciate his service.

If you have not been able to make it out to lodge recently, we hope you can join us sometime soon as we continue to grow within the fraternity, and within Hillcrest Lodge.


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