Current Officers


Below are the Dallas Masons who were made the current officers serving Hillcrest Lodge and Freemasonry in Dallas.  The top ranking officers have served years of dedicated service to their lodge and their communities, to better themselves and enhance those whose lives they touch.  They, along with the Past Masters, mentor men new to the Fraternity, and those that are earlier on in their masonic career, in order to prepare them to lead the future of Hillcrest Lodge.

Hillcrest 2016-2017 Lodge Officers


Elected Officers

Worshipful Master Chris Livingston
Senior Warden David Ritter
Junior Warden Doug Kuzanek
Treasure Harry Wood
Secretary Gregg Yates P.M.

Appointed Officers

Chaplain Kyle Wahlquist P.M.
Senior Deacon Seth Alston
Junior Deacon Wes Pierce
Senior Steward Scott Brosi P.M.
Junior Steward Patrick Briody P.M.
Tiler Mitch Breier

The current officers were installed on July 15h, 2015 at 12:30 PM

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